One Stop Shopping or "Let Us Do It All " 


Many commercial property managers and some residential clients may have several service issues that from time to time need services.  Typically these needed services include required scheduled inspections and repairs of property systems, etc:  Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Security Systems, Extinguishers, and Back Flow Devices. 


It makes sense to have one company, one phone number, one Central Station, one "after hours" emergency number to call, one website to e-mail, when these vital issues become due.  Our computer systems, track these required inspection, whether monthly, quarterly or annually so you can be rest assured they will be done on a timely basis when due.  This relieves you of tracking these inspections yourself and there by allowing you to watch more important issues your customers or lifestyle needs require.  "Let Us Do It All" by calling 206-767-5800, ext 2!

It Makes Good Sense !

Many of our clients choose Cascade Alarm to provide an extended service warranty contract.  This allows you to the knowledge of an established annual cost of the inspection and normal repairs of your system, whether its an Alarm System, Fire Sprinkler System, Back Flow or other Life Safety device.  Please call us for more information on our competitively priced extended warranty service contracts. If you would like more information on these valued services click here:


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